Ridgeway has partnered with Marks & Spencer to provide uniform with the school’s logo. 

Wearing uniform with a logo is not compulsory, but we encourage families to choose items bearing the school logo.  Items without the logo can be purchased from any retailer. 

To purchase your child’s uniform, please visit the Ridgeway Primary School section of the M&S ‘Your School Uniform’ website.  Here, you will be able to view the full range of uniform available, including the items displaying the school logo.  Please note that this is a direct to home service only with no delivery or returns via stores.  However, all returns are free.  The FAQ section of the M&S website, contains lots of information that will be useful for you. 

An added bonus to the school is that all items purchased via M&S provide cashback to the school, which we can put into provision for the children.  We are confident that you will be pleased with the quality and service from Marks and Spencer.  Any feedback we receive from parents about this service, will be sent to M&S to ensure that we continue to receive a reliable service for parents.  If you have any comments, please email these to the school office.

During the week, children will wear their PE kits into school on the 2 days they have PE and will wear the main uniform on the 3 other days.  Our Uniform Policy contains further information.








Black or light grey or dark grey (School logo option available)


Polo Shirts

White or yellow   (School logo option available)



Grey or black

One option required


Grey or black



Summer Dress


Optional for warmer months


White or Grey

One option required


Black or grey or white

School Shoes


(Note: Fashion shoes, trainers and boots are not suitable footwear.)

One option required

Outdoor Coats

(Please ensure they are suitable for inclement weather conditions)

No specific colour


School Bag

No specific colour (School logo option available)


Hair Accessories

(small hair clips/headbands)

No specific colour

Required for longer hair



PE T-shirt

Yellow Crew Neck (School logo option available)


PE Shorts



PE Outdoor Tracksuit

Dark Colour (School logo option available)  KS 2 only

Optional but advised for colder months

PE Footwear

Black Plimsolls (KS1 and KS2)

Plain trainers  for outdoor P.E. (KS2 only)



We understand that providing uniform and equipment to your child is costly and want your child to keep hold of all of their items.  Therefore, we ask families to label every item (including shoes and bags) with your child’s name and class.  That way, any misplaced items can easily be returned to them.  It is very difficult, if not impossible, to return clothing and items to their rightful owner without identification.

PTCA Second-hand Uniform Sales

Our PTCA regularly run second hand uniform sales, where parents can buy uniform donated to the PTCA by families whose children have outgrown their uniform items.  It is an environmentally friendly way to reduce uniform costs and support the school.