The role of our Governing Body is to provide a strategic view for the school, ensure accountability and act as a critical friend to the Headship Team. There are many statutory duties placed on the Governing Body which it needs to undertake effectively and efficiently. At the same time, the Governing Body has an important role in supporting the Headship Team as it undertakes the executive management of the School. In our on-going business, we aim to apply as much of our energies and time as possible on activities which add most value to the school community.


Our Governing Body is made up of four compulsory stakeholder groups: parents, school staff, the Local  Authority (LA) and co-opted governors from the school or local community.


We have adopted the following numbers:

- 4 parent governors,

- 2 staff governors,

- 1 LA governor, and

- 10 co-opted governors.


Governors are appointed for a period of four years or less.  Click here to find out who are the current Governors at Ridgeway Primary School and Nursery and to find our Governor's Register of Interest.


The Governing Body meets as a whole at least once a term. We also have committees, working groups and task groups which are sub-groups of the Governing Body. Each has a defined area of operation outlined in our governing body Terms of Reference. Most Governors are involved in two or more sub-groups. 




 Working Groups

 Task Groups






Healthy Schools

Learning and Achievement


Extended Schools












New Governors attend a two day induction course. Croydon Local Authority also offers a wide range of evening training sessions each term and governors who have specific responsibilities or sit on committees undertake relevant training. At the same time governors bring transferable skills from other walks of life to their role and these are valued.

School governors are unpaid volunteers. Nevertheless, being involved with Ridgeway is a rewarding experience, where staff, governors, parents, volunteers and the children themselves are all dedicated to education in its fullest sense. There are parent governor elections whenever we have a vacancy, so if you would like to get involved, please put your name forward.