Parent Workshops

Understanding the Ridgeway Ethos and Approach

At Ridgeway, we offer a programme of workshops, across the year, to help improve parents' understanding of our approach and why we feel it has such a positive impact on our children.  Some workshops will be about our general approach to teaching and learning, while others will offer an insight into specifc curriculum subjects or year group learning.  We aim to help parents understand the rationale for our approach, whikle also offering practical advice for ways they can support their children at home.


Parent Workshops Programme  (To be confirmed)



Parent Workshops
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Ridgeway Digest

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve parents' understanding of, and appreciation for, our ethos and approach, we have created a new publication.  Each Digest will cover one particular topic in-depth, and explain the rationale for our approach, including any underlying research (where applicable).  We aim to make the Digests well researched with any relevant facts and verifiable evidence, while also interesting, engaging and accessible.