Curriculum Forecast


Our forecasts give you detail about the way we organise the learning across the curriculum and information about the content taught is each subject.  Our contexts are designed to make meaningful links between curriculum areas so that learning is more coherent and exciting. 


Each term we produce 'Curriculum Forecasts' to explain the curriculum that your children will be learning in each subject. Please click on the links below to download your child's current 'Curriculum Forecast.'  Please note:  We will upload the Spring and Summer Curriculum Forecasts as we enter those terms.  We aim to have the forecasts uploaded by the end of Week 2 of each new term.


  Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Year 1 Toys R Us Island Destinations If You Go Down to the Woods Today
Year 2 Fame, Fortune & Fire A World of Contrasts All Aboard
Year 3 Life Forces Let There be Light Our Local World
Year 4 Water, Water Everywhere Sunshine Islands? On the Home Front
Year 5 Humans Versus Nature Fit For Life Inspiration & Inovation
Year 6



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