In our 2012 Parent Questionnaire 2012 we asked parents:  'What are the strengths of the school?'  Please read some of the responses below:


'A happy school which is very inclusive. The children have clear expectations regarding their behaviour. Children can explore their learning both in and outside the classroom. Good quality teachers and teaching assistants.'


'Ridgeway Primary School and Nursery teach the children to be independent and creative thinkers. They learn very early on to love books, and not focus on the reading, to love words, and not focus on the writing. This means that when they do learn to read and write, they love doing it rather than being made to do it.'

 'Based on the experience of my own children, the school has shown great strengths. They support children in learning about life, as well as meeting the usual educational requirements. They listen to the children well and teach them in turn to do the same. They assist them to be truly rounded individuals. The school is good at providing differentiated learning to meet each child's needs. With my own child, the school has met his individual needs by providing language and social skills support via the talking group. They do this extremely well.'

'Ridgeway Primary School and Nursery is a warm, inviting, safe school that embraces diversity. Our child is thriving in this environment. The learning seems to be well constructed and differentiation is paramount.'


'Creative curriculum. Independent learning. Individual feedback and support. Levels of adult support. Excellent teaching. Inspiring contexts for learning.'




 'Good at parent involvement. Very good at instilling the correct values in children. Resources available and school trips also good. Consistently excellent teaching. The enthusiasm for learning in Ridgeway's children is obvious. A very caring school.'

'Providing a secure environment for children to confidently engage in their learning. Providing lots of different ways to explore the curriculum Responding to events such as the Jubilee and Olympics and providing innovative ways and exciting experiences for the children to engage with these.'

'The school has a deserved reputation for its special needs provision. It has also provided formal extension work for those more gifted pupils. The number of after-school clubs has grown enormously and demonstrates to the children that learning goes on outside school hours. The dedication of the staff to these extra-curricular activities is to be commended.'