Each year we complete a questionnaire with the children in Year 6 who have been at Ridgeway for 7 years.  We ask the children to  reflect about what  Ridgeway does really well and even better if..... 


Their honest reflection tells us a lot about what makes Ridgeway great and has fed into how we have developed and improved further.  We thought we would share with you a representative selection of the thoughts of Summer 2012 leavers.  


Things the school does really well:
  • At Ridgeway I have been through exciting, strange adventurous

    times that have encouraged me to enjoy learning.

  • We have fun in lessons, we don't just sit there in silence, we can

    talk and discuss things.

  • The learning is so interesting it makes you never want to stop.
  • Recognising each of our individual skills



  • The school is good at sorting out friendship issues and getting children to talk to each other.
Things that could be improved:
  • Our school should give us a bit more home learning to prepare us for secondary school.
  • Teach us more about practical skills needed in everyday life like cookery and survival skills.
  • Extending books in the library.
  • More art and drama.


We value the children's feedback and consult with children regularly through assemblies and discussions  with children asking their views about school life.