Primary PE and Sport
Swimming Competency


As of April 2019, 82 out of the 89 pupils in our 2018-2019 year 6 cohort could do each of the following:

  • Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres
  • Use a range of strokes effectively
  • Perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations

Figures for our 2018-19 year 6 cohort will be updated in due course.

Ridgeway Primary School and Nursery

Primary PE and Sport Premium Grant Report

Actual Spend: 2017-18


Total   Grant Received

(September 2017 – August   2018)


Planned   Total Expenditure

(September 2017 – August   2018)


Total   Expenditure

(September 2017- August 2018)


Carried   Forward to 2018-2019

(for major projects)





Item/ Project




Sustainability/ Next steps


Croydon   Sports Partnership 2017 - 2018


  •   -To access borough competitions run     through the Croydon SSP. To participate in additional competitions, including     bespoke sports festivals for KS1 and KS2 pupils.
  •   -To receive advice on co-ordination of     external coaching; assistance in identifying suitable coaches or     organisations, and quality assurance through the SSP.
  •   -To access staff support   for PE teaching   including timetabled team teaching and bespoke whole school CPD   training.
  •   -To receive assistance and advice with   curriculum planning and assessment for PE.
  •   -To liaise with secondary schools through   the CSSP network. To share good practice between schools and networking     opportunities including PE Team Leader meetings.
  •   -Developing Young Leaders.


  •   -   Improved links between schools. 
  •   -Opportunities   for children to participate in new sports (e.g. athletics events and   specialised equipment).  Larger scale competitions were possible.
  •   -Whole   school staff training by a CSSP qualified coach on teaching Dance and   Flexibility for Fitness. Teachers more confident in delivering high quality   Dance lessons, benefitting pupils from increased expertise.
  •   -CSSP   coach team teaching with teachers from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2   supporting the delivery of high quality RealPE lessons.  

-Level 0 competition introduced within KS2 to   enhance and encourage all pupil participation. Personal best recording sheets   kept on record.

  •   -Advice   from CSSP coach (ongoing) has helped PE leaders reflect on more thorough   planning and high quality lessons.
  •   -Plan   to train approximately 40 children from the new year 5 cohort as Young   Leaders (summer term).
  •   -RealPE   training for PE leader.
  •   -Initial   one day training for Real GYM for PE leader to explore a potential new   programme.
  •   -Secondary   aged children to support organisation and running of enrichment sports   festival for 30 Pupil Premium children across the school to increase   participation in sports.

-Maintain positive links with schools   and   continue with events/festival/competitions.

  •   -Children   are more likely to take up/pursue new sports/activities.
  •   -RealPE   programmes continued to be used for EY and   KS1.
  •   -Dissemination   of expertise from staff with more personal coaching to be   shared with   all staff - support offered as required. 
  •   -   PE leaders to monitor delivery of lessons to ensure consistency.
  •   -PE   leaders monitoring planning and   delivery closely and reviewing   existing plans (ongoing).
  •   -Young   Leaders to support younger   children with sports events (e.g. sports   morning).  Continue to train Young Leaders on an   annual basis   (considering which year group are best suited for this).
  •   -PE   leader using RealPE training to support other staff in the Early Years and   KS1 to develop confidence and the delivery of high quality lessons.

- Explore   possibility of Enrichment Festival being run on an annual basis with   secondary support.

-In Level   0 competition, children are now competing to improve their personal best as   an on-going competition.


KS1/ KS2   Dance Club

(External   coaches)


-To create   opportunities for children to participate in after school activities.

-High   quality dance sessions from an experienced dance teacher.

-Children   experienced performing a rehearsed dance piece in front of a large audience   at the Croydon Schools Dance Festival.

- Plan to   offer this opportunity on an annual basis.


RealPE Sports   Equipment


  •   -Purchase   equipment to enhance the teaching of RealPE lessons.
  •   -Children   have increased opportunities for being active and developing skills   related to sports.
  •   -Quality   resources enable high quality teaching and learning in KS1 RealPE and   KS2 Level 0 competition.
  •   -Children   are more active and healthier through regular exercise.
  •   -Resources   can be used by children across all age ranges in current and future   years.


Donation   towards hall screens


-Purchase   of screen to enhance and support the teaching of RealPE lessons and   flexibility for fitness lessons.

-To extend   the opportunities of teaching PE lessons.

-Supporting   the teaching of high quality PE lessons within KS1 and KS2 through the use of   instructional videos (e.g. RealPE), modelling examples in dance/fitness,   sharing performances.

-New   equipment will offer new opportunities and support the teaching of PE for   future years.

-Children   will be motivated and stimulated by multi-media technology and sharing on   screen.


Year 5 Fit   for Life


-To   understand the effects of lifestyle choices on health and well-being.

  •   -To work in teams through a number of   tasks   and challenges.
  •   -To understand the benefits of exercise and   a wider appreciation of alternative active pursuits.

-To understand the importance of     making healthy lifestyle choices.

  •   -Workshop   enhanced the new year 5 cohort’s learning about the human body (spring   context).
  •   -Children   participated in high energy, aerobic activities and learned about how these   activities were good for health and fitness.


-Children   take forward into life an   increased awareness and understanding of   healthy living, including the benefits of exercise and healthy eating.


Staff   release for training


-To   improve the quality of teaching   and learning within core skills (e.g.   balance, agility etc) for EY and KS1   pupils

-Teachers   more confident in delivering high quality RealPE lessons, benefitting   pupils from increased   expertise.  Core skills more evident   and developed.

-Staff   trained can deliver in school training for RealPE and support other teachers   to ensure consistency of teaching high quality PE lessons.

-Children   will have more finely honed   core skills for future PE lessons,   including games in KS2 and external sports clubs/ participation.


Sports   equipment for Reception


-To   develop physical development in the Early Years.

-Higher   levels of engagement and participation through the use of different   equipment.

  •   -Children are more active and healthier   through regular exercise.
  •   -Skills relevant for gross and fine motor skill   development.
  •   -Resources can be used by children across all   three classes.

Enrichment   sports festival staff release


-To create   links with local senior schools within the Croydon Sports Partnership.

- To offer   wider opportunities for all children in our school.

-Higher   participation in sport for 30 Pupil Premium.

-To improve   outcomes for Pupil Premium children (as per School Development Plan)

-To   motivate and inspire disadvantaged children to get more active

Gymnastics   equipment and flexibility for fitness mats


-To   enhance the teaching of gymnastics and flexibility for fitness.

-A greater   range of physical development opportunities for all children.

-Development   of key skills for gymnastics and use of equipment.

Sports   equipment and resources for KS2


-To   improve the range and quality of resources available for the teaching and   learning of PE in KS2

-Improved   range of resources and equipment will improve children’s access to high   quality lessons and engage them more readily in lessons.

-Equipment   will be available for future generations to use.

Whole   school summer sports equipment


-To   enhance and support the teaching of PE across the school.

-A greater   range of physical development and sports opportunities for all children (e.g.   athletics track)

-Development   of athletic skills.

Croydon Schools   Athletics Association  affiliation fee


-To   participate in local sports competitions.

-Higher   participation in local sports competitions.

-To be   able to participate in local events annually.