The Learning Zone

What is the Learning Zone?

The Learning Zone is a space in school where children come to focus on social, emotional or behavioural learning which could positively affect their wellbeing, friendships and ability to learn.  Our aim is to provide support, guidance and to establish life skills which will enable children to fully access the curriculum. 

Children are initially assessed by their Class Teacher using the Boxall Profile to help understand their emotional needs and establish whether they could benefit from Nurture Sessions in the Learning Zone.

Our aim is to support and guide children to find a way to understand their emotions and responses to the world around them whilst also ensuring they access their learning in line with National Curriculum.  

We focus on establishing confidence and self esteem which in turn enables children to have positive experiences and relationships in school. 


Will children always attend the Learning Zone?

Attendance in the Learning Zone is always with a view to children establishing the life skills and learning skills they need to be fully reintegrated into their class.

Who uses the Learning Zone?

Children from Reception to Year 6 can attend the Learning Zone grouped according to age, key stage and need.  Older children are often positive mentors for their younger peers, putting in to practice the skills they have learned.


You can find us just inside the KS2 entrance, our room is equipped with all the resources a classroom might have plus a comfortable place to sit, cushions, puppets, pets, games and lots of resources to support positive behaviour and feeling safe and secure. We are open to a wider group of children at break times when the LZ is a very busy and happy place to be. 

LZ adults liaise closely with Class Teachers, SENCo and Parents to ensure that we are covering all expected PHSE and Curriculum Areas.  Children who have spent time with us in the past have made measurable and significant progress in their emotional learning and have become successful full time members of their class.


The LZ makes me feel happy,

it is the best place to be”


“It is a good place to calm down and the staff are supportive”


Who Works in the Leaning Zone?                                         


We have worked together as a Team for more than 5 years establishing positive relationships with children and their families, giving support and using our extensive skills and training to evolve creative solutions to the emotional and behavioural challenges children face.


The Team are available each afternoon from 3.15-3.30 if there are any issues you would like to discuss.  If this is not convenient, please leave a message at the school office and they will call you back as soon as they can.



Friday cooking is the best—pizza was my favourite”

“It helps my learning get bigger and bigger and gooder and gooder”







The Leaning Zone Team (left to right) Chris Avery, Libby Cohen and
Dympna Oliver.


A Day in the Learning Zone?

A typical day in the Learning Zone begins with  ‘Check-in-time’ to see how the children are feeling. This is a welcoming, informal chat which might include a thought for the day or be a catch up session.

This helps children who find the transition from home to school challenging. A healthy breakfast is also available during this time. 

The Learning Zone team are skilled at responding to children's needs, being flexible about how each session evolves. 

When they are ready children can go to join their class, attend assembly or stay in the Learning Zone to start either with planned learning set by the class teacher or following a programme building social skills and conversation. 

Children might learn independently, with adult support or with peers. Sometimes the  planned learning is supported by a member of our team in class. 

Most of the children who attend the Learning Zone  are timetabled for specific and regular sessions.  Children work towards achieving individual targets related to social and emotional development. The Learning Zone team give regular feed back to the class teacher.

A large part of what we do in the Learning Zone is to make school a happy experience where children feel nurtured and have their individuality celebrated.  We focus on

creating an understanding of:

Social Skills; Friendships; Feeling Angry;

Empathy; Playing Games together and

Turn Taking; Listening Skills; Building Self Confidence; Anxiety; Attachment; Sharing; Role Play; Bereavement; Separation;

Partner/Group Activities; Coping with the challenges of being a young person in the 21st Century; Transition from one year to

Another; What makes us unique.


To achieve this the Learning Zone follows the Six Principles of Nurture Groups:


* Children’s learning is understood


* The classroom/LZ offers a safe base                                               "It helps me learn about stuff and I like playing there,

* The importance of nurture for the                                            it helps me to feel calm."  "The Learning Zone make me feel happy!"

development of self-esteem

* Language is a vital means of


* All behaviour is communication

* The importance of transition in children’s lives