Primary PE and Sport Premium Grant: 2015/16

RidgewayPrimary School and Nursery

Primary PE and Sport Premium Grant Report

Actual Spend: 2015/16

Total amount of grant received

£ 10,684

Total Expenditure

£ 11,939



At Ridgeway Primary School and Nursery we are strongly committed to promoting children’s physical development, PE skills and enjoyment of sport.  We recognise that importance of PE to health and well-being of our children and the impact the PE curriculum and extra-curricular activities can have on the attitudes, confidence and academic achievement of all children. This is   evident in the wide range of activities that we offer within school, outside of school and involvement in competitive sport against other schools.

Objectives   in spending PE and Sport Premium:

  • To raise the profile of PE and sport across the school as a tool for whole school improvement.
  • To develop a broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils.
  • To develop teachers’ PE skills and teaching.
  • To increase participation in competitive sport.

Summary of PE and Sport Premium spending: 2015/16










Croydon Sports   Partnership



  • To access borough competitions run   through the Croydon SSP. To participate in additional competitions, including bespoke sports festivals   for KS1 pupils.
  • To receive advice on co-ordination of external coaching; assistance in identifying suitable coaches or organisations, and quality assurance through the SSP. To access   staff support for PE teaching including timetabled team teaching and bespoke whole school CPD training. To receive assistance and advice with   curriculum planning and assessment for PE. To liaise with secondary schools. To share good practice between schools and networking   opportunities including PE Team Leader meetings.
  • Developing Young Leaders.

Improved links   between schools (primary & secondary)


Young Sports   Leaders scheme developed


(Years 5 & 6)


  • To make sure that all children by the end of KS2 are meeting national expectations within swimming.

All children met   the expectation

Year 5 Healthy   Workshop linked to Context for Learning


  • To understand the effects of lifestyle choices on health and well-being
  • To work in teams through a number of tasks and challenges.
  • To understand the benefits of exercise and a wider appreciation of alternative active pursuits.
  • To understand the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices.

Workshop enhanced pupil’s learning about the human body (spring context)



  • Extend the availability of sports resources available to all children.

Improved range and quality of resources purchased for PE lessons.

Healthy Schools   Team Leader CPD


  • The Healthy Schools team leader attended the Sport London Conference to develop innovative ideas for teaching   P.E. and promoting healthy lifestyle.

Learning from conference was used and will continue to be used to inform PE Team action planning.

Skipping Workshops (Years   2-6)


  • To promote health and fitness through   skipping at break time and lunchtime.
  • To improve fitness, coordination   and cooperation skills.
  • To develop young leaders.

Large uptake and interest amongst pupils in playground at playtimes.

Yoga Workshops   (KS1)


  • To promote health and fitness, as   well as mental well-being through yoga.
  • To improve fitness and coordination skills.

Introduced as part of regular PE lessons.

Remarking netball court on playground


  • To ensure the netball court is suitable to allow the school’s team to compete in the Croydon league.

Netball court remarked to enable home competitive matches and enhanced PE lessons.