Primary PE and Sport Premium Grant: 2016/2017

Ridgeway Primary School and Nursery

Primary PE and Sport Premium Grant Report

Actual Spend: 2016-17


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Primary PE and Sport Premium Grant Report

At Ridgeway Primary School and Nursery we are strongly committed to promoting children’s physical development, PE skills and enjoyment of sport. We recognise that importance of PE to health and well-being of our children and the impact the PE curriculum and extra-curricular activities can have on the attitudes, confidence and academic achievement of all children. This is evident in the wide range of activities that we offer within school, outside of school and involvement in competitive sport against other schools.

Objectives   in spending PE and Sport Premium:

  •     To raise the profile of PE and sport across the school as a tool for whole school improvement.
  •     To develop a broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils.
  •     To develop teachers’ PE skills and teaching
  •     To increase participation in competitive sport.

Summary of PE and Sport Premium spending: 2016/17










Sustainability/ Next    Steps


Croydon Sports Partnership



  • To access borough competitions run   through the Croydon SSP. To participate in additional competitions, including   bespoke sports festivals for KS1 and KS2 pupils.
  • To receive advice on co-ordination of   external coaching; assistance in identifying suitable coaches or   organisations, and quality assurance through the SSP. To access staff support   for PE teaching including timetabled team teaching and bespoke whole school CPD training. To receive assistance and advice with curriculum planning and assessment for PE. To liaise with secondary schools through the CSSP network. To share good practice between schools and networking   opportunities including PE Team Leader meetings.
  • Developing Young Leaders.
  •  Improved links between schools.  Opportunities for children to participate in new sports (e.g. athletics events and specialised equipment).  Larger scale competitions were possible.
  • CSSP qualified coach worked with   teachers from R-2 (team teaching). Whole staff trained by coach on RealPE   lessons/strategies.  Teachers more confident in delivering high quality RealPE lessons, benefitting pupils from increased expertise.
  • Advice from CSSP coach (ongoing) has helped PE leaders reflect on more thorough planning and high quality lessons.
  • Approximately 40 children were   trained as Young Leaders (summer term)
  •  Maintain positive links with schools   and continue with events/festival/competitions. Children are more likely to take up/pursue new sports/activities.
  • RealPE programmes bought for EY and   KS1. Dissemination of expertise from staff with more personal coaching to be   shared with all staff - support offered as required.  PE leaders to monitor delivery of lessons to ensure consistency.
  • PE leaders monitoring planning and   delivery closely and reviewing existing plans (ongoing).
  • Young Leaders to support younger   children with sports events (e.g. sports morning).  Continue to train Young Leaders on an   annual basis (considering which year group are best suited for this).

Year 5 Healthy Workshop linked   to   Context for Learning


  • To understand the effects of lifestyle choices on health and well-being
  • To work in teams through a number of   tasks and challenges.
  • To understand the benefits of exercise and a wider appreciation of alternative active pursuits.
  • To understand the importance of   making healthy lifestyle choices.
  •  Workshop enhanced pupil’s learning about the human body (spring context).
  • Children participated in high energy, aerobic activities and learned about how these activities were good for health and fitness.
  • Children take forward into life an   increased awareness and understanding of healthy living, including the benefits of exercise and healthy eating.

RealPE Scheme


  • To improve the quality of teaching   and learning within core skills (e.g. balance, agility etc) for EY and KS1   pupils.
  •  Teachers more confident in delivering high quality RealPE lessons, benefitting pupils from increased   expertise.  Core skills more evident and developed.
  •  Children will have more finely honed   core skills for future PE lessons, including games in KS2 and external sports clubs/ participation.

Sports Equipment


  • Extend the availability of sports resources available to all children for playtimes to encourage sports participation and being active.
  • Purchase equipment to enhance the teaching of PE lessons.
  •  Improved range and quality of resources purchased for play times.
  • Children have increased opportunities for being active and developing skills related to sports.
  • Quality resources, enable high quality teaching and learning in PE.
  •  Children are more active and healthier through regular exercise.
  • Skills relevant for sports participation (e.g. ball handling) are developed through daily play.
  • Resources can be used by children across all age ranges in current and future years.

Line marking on   playgrounds (KS1 and KS2)


  • To provide children with areas that   encourage game playing and being active at play times.
  •  Children in KS2 have been very   engaged with the 4-square game, developing own rules and being active and competitive.  Children in KS1 have activities that encourage following pathways, different movements, including jumping and hopscotch. 
  •  Children will continue to use these   at playtimes to be active and the line markings will benefit all children as they move through the school. 
  • In particular, the 4-square game has   proved very popular and sees a range of pupils playing and being active.

Croydon Association   Fees


  • To enable children to compete in a   variety of competitive activities (e.g. Croydon Dance Festival, football and   netball leagues/competitions)
  •  Children from a range of year groups (including years 2 and 6) were able to take part in competitive activities (some for the first time).
  •  Ensuring links with other schools.  Children have experience of dealing with competitive situations (success and disappointment) and building   teamwork.

Staffing Costs


  • Staff costs to enable PE team leaders   to: attend CPD training; meet and strategic plan with the CSSP advisor; team teaching to develop skills in staff in EY and KS1.
  • Two members of staff attended netball umpire training.
  • Sports association meetings.
  • Costs to enable staff to take pupils   to a variety of sports events, festivals and competitions, including: competitions, league matches, Croydon Swimming Gala, Croydon Arena Athletics,   Croydon Dance Festival and cross country events.
  •  Team leaders were able to plan   strategically for the improvement of sports in school.  Advice and expertise shared improved understanding of how to enhance sports provision. Team teaching and the   dissemination of knowledge improved the quality of PE lessons in EY and KS1.
  • Children were able to participate in the events, festivals and competitions which broadened their sports experiences and understanding.
  •  Team leaders can utilise strategic   planning skills and plan more effectively for future sports provision.  Teachers can deliver high quality lessons more consistently, impacting pupil progress and engagement.
  • Children have had opportunities to   take part in a range of activities, which has increased interest in those activities, meaning pupils are more likely to take-up certain sports outside of and beyond primary school.  Children are more likely to attend future events and competitions, and engage in sports activities.

Swimming Gala   Trials


  • To enable pupils to compete in the   borough swimming gala.
  •  Children were able to compete in the Croydon gala.
  •  Children experienced a competitive   event.  Children were inspired by their   peers’ success and there is interest amongst existing pupils in competing at   future events.

Netball Kit and   equipment


  • To enable and encourage two year 6   netball teams to play competitive fixtures in the league and at tournaments.
  •  20 children took part in regular   training and competitive matches, enjoying success in the netball league and   in competitions/festivals.
  •  Children experienced a competitive   event and there is interest in competing amongst future year 6 pupils.
  • Teamwork and pride in being part of a team will encourage future sports participation.